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The Hong Kong Funders’ Network on Ageing Well (“the Network”) was established in April 2016 to facilitate communication among private foundations whose scope correspondingly extended across issues around ageing.  It is the first issue-specific foundations’ platform in Hong Kong, originally formed in response to discussions raised at the “Creating Sustainable Public-Private Partnership for Ageing Population in Hong Kong” Conference in November 2015 and “Improving Services for the Elderly in Hong Kong” Roundtable Discussion in April 2014.

Governed by a Steering Committee, the Network was initiated by ZeShan Foundation, which continues to support the secretariat and administration of the collective…


Beyond its function as a platform for communication between foundations dedicated to combating issues around ageing, the Network facilitates learning and collaboration between members. Primarily focusing on the exchange and collective building of knowledge, a set of objectives has been developed by members of the Network:

○  Strengthening sector capacity

○  Enhancing service models and innovations

○  Advocating for policy development and improvement


Grounded in the formation of the Network is the primary focus of “ageing”.  In recognition of the holistic approach necessary for ageing well, as well as the intersections between “elderly care” and other domains, the Funders’ Network’s primary scope on “ageing” also encompasses “ageing-related issues” that concern broader population groups (e.g. mental health, primary care, caregiver support).

Established after the formation of the group, “philanthropy” emerged as an equally important area of focus for the Network, the scope referring to the knowledge and skills key to achieving social impact through grant-making, such as the exchange of “practice wisdom” among members. 


The Network has 14 Founding Members, and has expanded to its 19 Members today:

  1. Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation 
  2. The D.H. Chen Foundation 
  3. Ho Cheung Shuk Yuen Charitable Foundation 
  4. The Hong Kong Club Foundation 
  5. The Keswick Foundation 
  6. Lee Hysan Foundation 
  7. Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation 
  8. Lo Kwee Seong Foundation 
  9. Mighty Oaks Foundation 
  10. The Seal of Love Charitable Foundation 
  11. Seeds Foundation 
  12. Shih Wing Ching Foundation 
  13. Simon K.Y. Lee Foundation 
  14. Water Drops Foundation 
  15. Wing Wah Charity Foundation
  16. Wofoo Foundation 
  17. Woopie Foundation 
  18. ZeShan Foundation 
  19. Zheng Ge Ru Foundation



  • Professor Terry LUM, Head of the Department of Social Work and Social Administration, the University of Hong Kong
  • Mr. Timothy MA, Founding Executive Director of Senior Citizen Home Safety Association

Steering Committee

Current SC members are:

  • Heidi Wong (Kewsick Foundation) -since April 2021
  • May LAU (Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation) – since April 2019
  • Peter LEE (Zheng Ge Ru Foundation) – since April 2019
  • Irene SO (ZeShan Foundation) – since August 2020
  • Irene YU (Simon K.Y. Lee Foundation) – since December 2017

Previous SC Members are:

  • Liliane CHAN (Ho Cheung Shuk Yuen Charitable Foundation) – April 2016 to March 2019*
  • Yan CHAN (formerly of ZeShan Foundation) – April 2016 to Jan 2017*
  • Sindy YEUNG (formerly of Simon K.Y. Lee Foundation) – April 2016 to Oct 2017*
  • Lorraine LUI (formerly of ZeShan Foundation) – April 2016 to August 2020*
  • Miranda CHAN (Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation) –  Aug 2016 to Mar 2021
  • Janny LAU (Lee Hysan Foundation) –  April 2016 to Mar 2021*

* denotes Organizing Committee Members of the 2015 Conference



Apr         Inauguration & 1st general meeting

Speaker: Mr Horace LIT (Senior Charities Manager, Hong Kong Jockey Club)

Jun         Cocktail Reception

Jul           2nd general meeting – Dementia care

Speakers: Dr DAI Lok-kwan, David, JP (Chairman, Hong Kong Alzheimer’s Disease Association); Dr LAM Ching-choi, BBS, JP (Chairman, Elderly Commission)

Aug        Visit – Grace Nursing Home (Tak Tin)

Sep       Special meeting – End-of-life care

Speaker: Prof Christine FANG (Adjunct Professor, The University of Hong Kong)

Nov        Deliberative engagement – End-of-life care

Speakers: Prof Christine FANG (Adjunct Professor, The University of Hong Kong);         Ms Grace CHAN (Chief Officer (Elderly Service), Hong Kong Council of Social Service)

Nov        Special meeting – Elderly Services Programme Plan (ESPP)

Dec        Fireside chat – Dr Sandro Galea

Speaker: Dr Sandro GALEA (Dean, Boston University School of Public Health, USA)

Dec        Visit – Woopie Club dementia day care centre


Jan        Guided tour – End-of-life care at Golden Age Expo & Summit

Docents: Prof Christine FANG (Adjunct Professor, The University of Hong Kong);

Prof Vivian Lou (Director, Sau Po Centre on Ageing, The University of Hong Kong)

Jan       Informal gathering – Chinese New Year hiking

Feb       Submission of Views on ESPP Consensus Building Stage

Feb       Special meeting – Swedish “Health & Elderly Care” delegation

Head of delegation: Ms Madeleine Harby SAMUELSSON (State Secretary at the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs, Sweden)

Feb       Workshop – “From Unit Cost to Effective Grantmaking”

Trainer: Mr Timothy MA Kam Wah, JP

Apr        Special meeting – HKSAR Food and Health Bureau

May      Special meeting – HKSAR Food and Health Bureau and Social Welfare Department

May      3rd general meeting

Jul        Visit on Drug Management – ActiveCare

Aug       Visit on Drug Management – Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation

Aug       Singapore Study Tour – Pre-trip orientation

Sep       Singapore Study Tour “Foundations-driven Social Change on Ageing”

Oct       Singapore Study Tour – Post-trip debriefing

Dec       4th General Meeting – Gerontechnology


Mar        Brownbag lunch on dementia-friendly community

Mar        Cocktail reception

Jun        Field visit to Kwai Tsing District on primary health care

Jul         General Meeting

Jul         Special meeting – HKSAR Food and Health Bureau

Aug        Field visit on healthy ageing and pay-for-success financing

Aug        Brownbag lunch on due diligence


Jan        Visit to contract home in Shui Chuen O

Jan        Brownbag lunch on mental health

Feb        Informal gathering – Chinese New Year hiking

Mar        General Meeting – Caregiver support; Dementia assessment

Apr        Visit – Palliative care in nursing home

Jun       Brownbag lunch on NGO governance health

Nov       Guided Tour – Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit 2020

Organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Dec       Informal gathering – Winter hiking

Dec       Meeting with Labour and Welfare Bureau


Jan       Meeting with the Food and Health Bureau

Nov       Meeting with policy research team of Labour and Welfare Bureau


Mar       Seminar on building dementia-friendly communities in HK (co-hosted with the Community Investment and Inclusion Fund of the Labour and Welfare Bureau)

Jun       Visiting Jockey Club “Age at Home” in Shatin and the Gerontech Cleaning and Maintenance Service Centre at Fo Tan

Funders’ Network – Activities

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