Highlight Of The MonthUnbearable Heaviness

14 May 2021

Zeshan Foundation supported Justice Centre Hong Kong (“JCHK”) in providing mental health counselling to Hong Kong’s refugees and asylum seekers, a critical area of relief work in which there has been a significant funding gap amid the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.

JCHK is a non-profit organization which brings holistic services to some of the most marginalized communities in Hong Kong, providing direct support by enabling access to legal information, quality legal representation, counselling and social welfare.

Addressing mental health issues that otherwise have the potential to escalate, JCHK’s in-house psychotherapist has been able to, through this grant, help vulnerable migrants overcome trauma and other mental impacts from experiences of persecution, torture, and displacement. Without this support, vulnerable individuals would more likely struggle to tell their story clearly, hindering their ability to effectively engage with legal asylum processes, further increasing their risk of being returned to their home country where they could be in danger of torture, persecution, or even death.

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