Public-Private Partnership Conference

Creating Sustainable Public-Private Partnership for Ageing Population

ZeShan Foundation, Hong Kong

In 2015, ZeShan Foundation organized a 2-day conference to facilitate learning and collaboration on the building of sustainable public-private partnerships for elderly services, as part of ZeShan’s core focus on Ageing Well and more broadly to promote strategic philanthropy in Hong Kong. Held on November 12-13 at the Novotel Century Hong Kong Hotel, the conference brought together 150 opinion leaders, senior executives and policymakers from different sectors, ranging from the government, NGOs, private foundations to academia.

With Hong Kong’s aging population, it is essential to develop sustainable public-private partnerships to leverage resources necessary for addressing the coming challenges (and opportunities). While the city’s philanthropy sector, including private, family and corporate foundations, have a long history of providing funding support to elderly services, foundations can play a more proactive role as an agent of change such as by strategically supporting evidence-based pilot projects with the potential to scale up, so as to demonstrate their effectiveness and influence policy.

“The strength of foundations is their independence and flexibility. Public bodies and non-profits face many constraints. In comparison, foundations have the capacity to respond to social needs quickly, boldly, flexibly and creatively, providing the space for social innovations to be incubated and tested. If foundations can capitalize on their unique strengths, they have great potential to become catalysts for social change.”  Ms. Annie Chen, Director, ZeShan Foundation

The conference saw very lively discussion on ways to improve elderly services, the role of philanthropy, and partnership building, on top of which suggestions were raised to establish a platform to facilitate further communication, coordination and collaboration between funders. This conference marked the first of such event convened by a private foundation in Hong Kong, signifying the philanthropy sector’s increasingly proactive approach in social services.

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香港人口急速老化,勢將加劇迫在眉睫的多項安老問題。惟安老行業牽涉政府及社會多個界別,難免出現溝通不足、欠缺協調、資源錯配及項目缺乏持續性發展等情況。香港政府現時財政仍然充裕,有足夠能力與資源為將來建設可持續發展的系統與機制。同時,慈善界(私人 / 家族 / 商界基金會等)一直大力資助長者服務,為安老行業默默投放資源,並已研發不少優良的安老方案。部分基金會近年由純粹「開支票捐錢」的角色,轉向策略性地支持、甚至牽頭發起具有擴大潛力的項目,冀望能催化制度及政策的改變。只要各界把握時機建立伙伴合作,或可轉「危」為「機」,迎接人口老化所帶來的機遇。

“慈善基金的優勢在於其獨立性及靈活性,相對有較多限制的公營及非牟利機構,慈善基金能較大膽、靈活、創新並快速地回應社會所需,為社會創新提供孕育和試行的空間。如果慈善基金能夠運用自身優勢,實在有巨大潛力發揮其催化作用,以推動社會改變。”  ——擇善基金會董事 陳恩怡女士



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Day 1  Welcome Lunch
Day 1  Welcome Lunch

Welcome, Opening and Concluding Remarks
Welcome Remarks

  • Ms Annie Chen (Director, ZeShan Foundation)

Opening Remarks

Concluding Remarks

Master of Ceremonies

Welcome, Opening and Concluding Remarks
Welcome, Opening and Concluding Remarks
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