In Project Home Works: Ageing-in-Place (Pilot Phase) by Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong, the project team visited older adults to assess the safety and liveability of their home environment.  After speaking with them, their carers and social workers, we discovered that despite similar layout and size of homes, elderly people face different challenges.

Incubation programmes have blossomed in recent years, supporting myriads of passionate young people to generate social impact innovations.  It is encouraging to see growing interests towards certain social topics but some topics seem to remain remote to young change-makers.  “Access to legal support” is one of the examples. Given the nature and technical requirements of...

Over a 10-month period, HandsOn Youth Leaders developed more than 200 volunteer activities —each one enabling other teens to volunteer their time and deepen their understanding of social needs in Hong Kong. These programs provided 1,221 individual opportunities for passionate young volunteers.

With these first fruits from the Geron-Infusion Education (GIE) projects, ZeShan Foundation further supports IAA(now known as Research Centre for Gerontology and Family Studies) to transform its website into Hong Kong’s first online knowledge hub dedicated to active ageing, with more interactive and user-friendly elements. It is one of our keen efforts to help different players disseminate useful results of researches, to promote news of GIE and inter-generational programmes and to engage more older adults for fostering active-ageing and intergenerational solidarity in Hong Kong.

Recognising the growing demand for more personalised and preventive home support, ZeShan Foundation rolled out a new partnership with Habitat for Humanity Hong Kong in 2022. In this 10-month pilot project, 100 home assessments will be conducted for older adults, with recommendations for home improvements and essential modifications. More importantly, a new set of home...

vulnerabilities analysis (namely “PCVA”) has been widely adopted for needs assessment over the past three decades in different countries.  This lens was also referenced by ZeShan team to understand not only the impact of the ongoing 5th wave of COVID pandemic on vulnerable people but also the systemic drivers behind such impact.   These often touch upon issues related to social inclusion, public governance, health equity, equal access to public resources and even policy issues.

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