Our Values


The true meaning behind ZeShan’s philanthropic efforts stem from the love behind each act of giving and every partnership formed. It is with love that we hope to drive the co-creation of quality work between colleagues, partners, and beneficiaries, and produce work of the utmost quality.


We acknowledge that our foundation is in a position of privilege. Recognizing our blind spots and limitations, we are sincere in our intention to listen to what and how others think and feel. Only through a process of learning and reflection, can we empathize and grow, and more effectively find solutions to problems.

Trust and Humility

We envision a society with equal opportunities for all; one in which enables its members to exercise their autonomy and develop their potentials, both for their own growth as an individual and for their contribution to society’s sustainable development.


Just institutions are ones that treats its members fairly, respects their dignity, and advocates for equality. We want to work towards building peaceful and inclusive communities to enable people to further flourish and for continued sustainable development.


We respect that everyone may approach the community’s problems from diverse perspectives, with different knowledge, and at varying capacities.

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